Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Love is the answer! Not war and terror!

With the recent attacks in Paris, bombings in Syria and many other human tragedies, it is now clear to most that we, as a human beings, are being leashed by fear. Where will 'they' strike next? When? How? These are the questions that will be running through countless minds all around the world as they are being misinformed. Do not get me wrong, the tragedy that happened in Paris was devastating and I am still in grief by the horrific scenes of my fellow-men being slaughtered and in bidding to kill. However, we still need to clear our minds and hearts to discover the truth embedded within such tragedies which will assist us in finding out how we can reduce and even stop such incidents from ever happening again.

Who is ISIS? As stated in Wiki, ISIS is a militant group and self-proclaimed Islamic state and caliphate, which is led by and mainly composed of Sunni Arabs from Iraq and Syria. As my searches intensified, I found that the terrorist organisation have come about from during the United States of America's occupation in Iraq during 2003. Here is a video of investigative journalist, Ben Swann, explaining and exposing in detail, the rise to power of ISIS (LINK1).

As mainstream news were flooded with coverage from the attacks of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we were presented with devastation, chaos, blood, grief but also acts of humanity where people come together, walking hand in hand, to oppose such violence. The coverage seems endless and is still being broadcasted worldwide. On social media, people began movements such as #prayforparis (for donations towards the French Red Cross) and displayed the French Flag as their display pictures on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to show that they are against the violence and are "with Paris" after the horrific attacks. Whilst, mainstream media coverage tends to throw words around like 'Islamic terrorist' and 'jihadist'. Upon further research, it undoubtedly seem that some of the mainstream news have been altered, even fabricated to only show one perception of truth, that these deaths were attributed by violent muslim terrorist from Syria. With the rising number of unnecessary hate comments on Muslims, an overwhelming feeling of disappointment encapsulate my heart as I see my fellow human beings, entangled within the loathing that only fuels more intolerance and resentment. Always, keep an open mind when it comes to information that has been presented especially from the mainstream media. There are many avenues of false and misleading information which will only segregate and divide us into condoning more violence and hostility. Keep your mind and heart always open to information during these times as it would be key to revealing the false truth that the Elite power of the world has put forth to keep us in their control.

These are a few videos I came across that show some discrepancies in the media coverage of the Paris attacks.

1. Paris, France "Terrorist Attack" Psyop Hoax - Cafe Suicide Bombing scene "Forensic experts" exposed (LINK2)

2. Paris Attacks: Staged Bombing Shooting Hoax For Syrian Invasion exposed (LINK3)

Where were 'this' kind of media coverage when terror attacks on other countries occurred? There are a few countries, beside France, that suffered attacks that was claimed by ISIS as well. Not a lot of the world population know about these. On 21st September 2013, Kenya, was a victim of a horrific mass shooting at the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi. There were 67 deaths and 175 injured. On 2nd April 2015, Kenya also suffered a worse attack to that of Paris, that resulted in 147 killed with 79 injured and many more evacuated to safety. On the 12th November 2015, two suicide bombers detonated explosives in the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon which reported over 37 killed. This was also claimed by ISIS. This was just a day before the paris attacks and there are many more terror attacks that have occurred within this year alone. Here is the list from Wiki (LINK4).

Here are some other information on ISIS and countries that have been assisting and funding their regime:

President Putin answering questions regarding ISIS from an US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014  (LINK5)

A debate on the war in Syria on Presstv on 28th August 2013 (LINK6)

I simply cannot understand the need for conflict, war, servitude and unnecessary deaths due to revenge and profits. This will only result in a negative effect towards the world's population and ultimately leading to our extinction. I know that in all Human beings, there is kindness and affection. A desire to grow and the ability to love. To overlook all and any differences that has brought us to this frightful stage in civilisation. Of course, we have been through the bad and even the worst of times and we are constantly being pushed to our limits, cornered with no form of solution. To be beaten and battered every time. To be forced with segregation and hatred. To be lied to and use as cattle for the elite which only craves power to rule and reign, elusively. I also understand that we yearn the need for conflict which only arises due to the conflict that is within. Before providing any form of opinion, we should exercise tolerance and care. We are in a midst of awakening and there are some people who are aware of these tragedies that have infected the human race. Solutions and policies have been put into place to deter such mishaps by people who truly care and are concerned of devastation that has been reoccurring.

However, there is room for improvements to make it all better. Look at the people around you and feel their need to survive, to live with freedom and strive for justice. We do not need to have sides of what is right and wrong. We need to only work together with tolerance and love for each other to make the world a better place. We live within such a short period of time and death will soon take us. No materials that we have acquired or will be acquiring will last forever. No amount of fame and fortune can bring you closer to happiness and bliss. We have only our perception of our own rights and wrongs. We can agree or find consensus together, but every thing we express is based on our opinions, beliefs and experiences. As we all have a variety of different experiences that ultimately makes us, we cannot fully grasp an emotion or thought captured by the next person in line. We can never find peace with one another if all we think and do are only of our opinions. We have to be empathetic and understanding to the different circumstances that are. Clear your mind and hearts of hatred and fear. Look without prejudice and feel with all your heart and soul. You might find that all you see in the person next to you is yourself. Just another human being going through life as intended. We all have obstacles to face. Open your eyes and heart to realise that no matter who and where you are and what you are doing, it creates our future, our reality. It may seem impossible, but every act of kindness and love helps. We have to come together in loving embrace to create a future for our children and their children that will be of freedom, liberty and peace. Be of sharing and discovering rather than judging and killing. We only have love and only with love we can change our reality. It starts with you and me.

"The world will not be destroyed by evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything"
- Albert Eistien


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